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"And I still falling the way you sit & smoking…"
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Nemu ini di kosan si kakak. Manja pisan,  pasti  ini kucing capek abis jalan2 seharian. ({}) ♥

Nemu ini di kosan si kakak. Manja pisan, pasti ini kucing capek abis jalan2 seharian. ({}) ♥

— 1 day ago
Everyone’s have their own wish list, isn’t it?

It’s mine (at this time), what yours?

  1. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  2. Go to Vaadhoo Island
  3. Visit Disneyland 
  4. Walk around maple trees
  5. Go dogsledding
  6. Feed a deer
  7. Throw a coin and make a wish
  8. Send a message in a bottle
  9. Tie messages to baloons and let them go
  10. Attend a music festival
  11. Road trip with friends
  12. Climb a mountain
  13. Ride in a hot air balloon
  14. Slow dance in the rain
  15. Build a snowman
  16. Wish on a shooting star
  17. Kissed by dolphin
  18. Play with penguins
  19. Watch baby turtles hatch
  20. Hug a koala 
  21. Cuddle a baby tiger
  22. Learn archery
  23. Learn how to play harpa
  24. Learn fluent sign language
  25. Donate hair to cancer patients
  26. Graduate collage
  27. Study in MIT or foreign country
  28. Be a ballerina
  29. Be a part of snare line
  30. Be a bridesmaid
  31. Get a piggyback
  32. Kiss at the top of ferris wheel
  33. Have a pillow fight
  34. Say I do
  35. Get married
  36. Raise a happy and healthy child
  37. Live happily ever after
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Karena  kita butuh yang namanya teman perjalanan

Thanks for this awesome long weekend, Nisa Trirabanita !

Makasih udah nemenin berkuda & panahan long weekend kali ini.

Nice to have best friend like you {}

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So only home girl from frozen can turn up

There’s is nothing I don’t love about that sentence

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